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Evil Blizzard or as they like to present themselves ‘four bass players and a singing drummer’, is one of the craziest,creepiest bands that one can see live these days. With a fascination for the uncanny,the macabre and all the facets of weirdness, the deathrock/punk Evil Blizzard,always offer theatrical and unconventional shows,not to mention that sometimes they even offer their own ‘Blizzard beer’!

The lyrics of the songs,full with cynicism,humour and provocation will leave you wonder for days about their meaning while their shows feel like a ride with a horror train!

The band has already released three full lengthIMG_0850

studio albums (two of them through Louder Than War and one through Rocket Recordings) which only tell half the story about them. The last of these albums, entitled ‘Everybody Come To Church’ was released in 2015. Evil Blizzard have opened for Public Image Limited and Killing Joke among ¬†others and they also mention early krautrock,Hawkind and Embrace as their influences. Having already watched a few videos from their live shows we can’t wait to experience their show first hand.

The support bands for the  show will be The Fierce&The Dead and Taman Shud(who seem to take their name from a mysterious unresolved crime that happened in Australia in the late 1940s).

There’s only one advice…do not expect anything ordinary from this show and do not miss it!

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