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neubautenSeven years have passed since the release of their last studio album called ‘The Jewels’ and one year from the release of the 12” called ‘Interpretations‘ with Perc a.k.a Alistair Wells. Einstürzende Neubauten is the band which, since 1980, embodies the essence of musical experimentation in such a way that each note that comes out from their custom built musical instruments, seems to make some sort of personal, emotional and ideological statement on the altar of experimentation. The band’s members have been far from idle in the meantime with Blixa Bargeld releasing outstanding EPs (‘ Still Smiling‘, ‘Spring‘) together with Teho Teardo. Alexander Hacke is being involved with The Crime and The City Solutions (‘American Twilight‘ was released in 2013) and The Ministry of Wolves (debut album called ‘Music From Republik Der Wölfe‘ was released in 2014) and has released the 12” called ‘C’Est Si Bon‘ with Iris Berben in 2014. Jochen Arbeit has been releasing solo albums and in 2014 the album called ‘Propulsion‘ was self released together with Scanner a.k.a Robin Rimbaud. Finally Rudi Moser released two solo albums and the last one called ‘Piano Arpeggio‘ was a limited release available through the online shop of  Einstürzende Neubauten.


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