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1. Sinferno/2. Endless Nights/3. Ikarus/4. Krank/5. Die My phobia/6. Grau im licht/7. SinnFlut/8. HomeSick/9. Schuldig!/10. the Hunted/11. mitGift/12. Schwarz

Release Date: October 16, 2015
Accession Records

…or else an album that will send chills up your spine with every note for 64 minutes

Grau_im_lichtMy personal opinion is that there can be as many music genres as there are people on this planet. There is a myriad of emotions that are generated to each one of us when listening to good music and especially when watching an engaging performer on stage. I have found that, darkwave music has a ‘hard to beat’ empowering effect. Listening to good darkwave music makes me think that the things that are hard to achieve in life, are possible and it makes me remember that the most important thing to have in life is determination. I made this introduction because in short, this is exactly what I feel each time I listen to an album by Diary of Dreams and especially when I listen to ‘Grau Im Licht’. This is the 12th album of the band which, since 1994 (release of first album ‘Cholymelan’) has been synonymous to darkwave music. The heart and soul of the band, takes the form of a strong and engaging performer, Adrian Hates. Throughout the years  Gaun:A is playing powerful melodies on the electric guitar, while various guest musicians usually join the band on stage and provide backing vocals in some of the songs.In this album Dejan Nikolic is behind the drums and Flex at the bass.


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