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…or the music equivalent of an abstract expressionist painting

1.Inward/2. Black/3. Far/4. Wasting/5. Wrong/6. Try/7. Desertion/8.Without/9. Feel/ 10. Deeper/ 11.Being

Release Date: 30 March 2015, Captured Tracks

An album as a multilayered work of art

COVEREXACTYX;1413474707887602;TheSoftMoon1413474707887602.jpg;220;220It’s not often that I compare my experience in listening to an album with that of seeing an exhibition of painting. Listening to ‘Deeper’ was exactly like seeing the works of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter and Anselm Kiefer. This feeling was instantaneous as I was listening to ‘Inside’ and its almost seamless transition to the second track ‘Black’. After 40’ the album finished and this thought returned and validated itself. In the paintings of Jackson Pollock and Anselm Kiefer the thick layers of coloured paint reveal their depth throughout the surface of the painting as long as the viewer observes them. In ‘Deeper’ all the levels are revealed and dissolved even before one realises that they are there in the duration of the first two songs; and it’s only during ‘ Far’ that we understand what has preceded. Behind the sound that replicates that of a motor, we hear an agonising attempt to metaphorically scratch all the sonic layers that make up these two tracks. The hard to decipher vocals in the form of whispers are also multi layered and enhance this feeling that Luis Vasquez is attempting to transfer us to several levels below the apparent and the evident ‘surface’ of this world and at this point ‘Far’ begins. Listening to the rest of the album we realise that the order of the songs is carefully organised so that a circle of meanings is opened and closed within 40’. Every song only pushes us further inside this ‘unfamiliar’ environment but mind you, that this is not a harmonious free-fall but rather a ‘guided’ tour into our psyches; whether one can exit from this deep plunge is another question but as always, it is the trip that matters the most!


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