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r-9366760-1479368598-8523-jpegBlack Nail Cabaret
, were introduced to audiences in 2012 through their self-released debut albumEmerald City’. The release ofHarry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Mein 2015 painted a clearer picture of the aesthetic vocabulary that the original duo of Emese Árvai- Illés and Sophie Tarr would use. The band originally consisted of Emese , Sophie and Krisztian Árvai in the role of producer/ songwriter but since July 2016 when Sophie left, BNC are Emese and Krisztian among other collaborators. While the band ‘paints’ their music in dark colours of different tones, ranging from the lightest tones that hark back to the glorious days  of german synth pop to the darkest tones of the more existential minimal post-punk, their video clips reveal an equal fascination with the first surrealist movies, grotesque theatre, gothic horror and Italian neorealism. It therefore becomes imperative to notice both the music and the visuals in order to get a grasp of the band’s take on the subjects of their lyrics and their artistic points of view in general.


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