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Daemonia Nymphe is a Greek band created by Spyros and Pandelis Giasafakis in 1994 and since then, they have inspired their audience in Europe incessantly, by offering a unique combination of strong and dynamic melodies, interesting rhythmic and stylistic alterations within their compositions as well as unforgettable live performances. Daemonia Nymphe are collaborating with a dexterous manufacturer of traditional music instruments in Greece, Nikolaos Brass, who is providing them  with hand made ancient greek instruments which are resurrected through the band’s music. Thus the band is offering a unique experience to their audiences to see and listen to these instruments on stage. To those of you who will listen to this band for the first time, I can only say that the sound  is unique, drawing inspiration from  traditional greek music, world, eastern and balkan music traditions and creating an original sound with unending inspiration with the contribution of various collaborators throughout their career. Their previous performance at The Lexington of London which was dedicated to their latest album called ‘Psychostasia’ has been registered as an emotionally strong one by  this ethereal/ethnic/traditional but overall authentic band, Daemonia Nymphe. Daemonia Nymphe have presented  ‘Psychostasia: The Performance‘ on 23/3/14 at Riverside Studios in London which was very well attended and offered a complete picture of what the homonymous album is about. Since we cannot have enough of this band who offer a visually, musically and artistically interesting performances, I encourage all of you to attend this live at the Garage.


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