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SNOG, Black Lung, Soma, an experimental movie that has only been screened in Italy (i.e. ‘The Andronechron Incident‘) and a crime film (i.e. ‘The Hard Word‘). If you are wondering what is the thread that holds all these elements together, it takes the form of musician who answers to the name of David Thrussell. This is a musician with an acute social perceptiveness who has the ability to mix a myriad of ideas in such a similar way that a painter mixes colours to create a new one. It is interesting that where an idea is hinted in the music of Black Lung, it is quite clearly revealed through a song by Logo interviewSNOG. So in the end one should listen to the music of both projects in order to get a grasp of the intended message. At the same time if you think that each song by SNOG deals with only one issue at a time, then you must prepare yourself for a serious ‘roller coaster’. One could say that David Thrussell through all his projects, ‘copies’ the way media are bombarding us with information, in order to raise our awareness about the (intentionally?) hidden aspects of this information and the complexity of our lives. The trigger for developing an interest in a musical project can either be the richness of references in the music and lyrics or perhaps equally a seemingly absence of such richness. I managed to somehow crystallize all the hints that have been offered by David Thrussell, since 1992, when I saw both SNOG and Black Lung perform live at the 24th WGT in Leipzig.  Ahead of the release of yet another exciting SNOG album called ‘Compliance’ in three days’ time (October 16, 2015) David Thrussell (DT) talked to Blauerosen about the cynicism of the word ‘compliance’, Noam Chomsky, eastern philosophy, what time is best to listen to a Black Lung album, Jello Biafra, the upcoming album and of course so many other things. So pick your favourite album by Black Lung or SNOG and as you listen to it make sure that you read carefully what is contained within the lines as well as what is between them! It was a great pleasure to talk to David Thrussell and we can’t be more impatient to listen to ‘Compliance’ later this week.


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