Monthly Playlist-February 2018

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Art has nothing to do with taste.Art is not there to be tasted…” (Max Ernst)

This playlist is weird in every sense! Its sonic imprint contains dream pop, industrial, punk, post punk, gothic, post rock and psych rock melodies in mysterious combinations, some protest songs and an album which could not have found a ‘comfortable’ place in any playlist. This album is entitled ‘Thoughts Of A Dot As It Travels A Surface‘ by CV&JAB-Zin Taylor and could have been the sonic form of Kadinsky’s book ‘Point And Line to Plane’, but was instead inspired by a series of wall drawings. In an unexplained manifestation of ‘madness’, I decided to include this album in the monthly playlist, but could not for the life of me decide where to put it! If I said that its overall style was minimal electro you would probably expect to listen to something completely different from what it is, so I will just say that you will need to be familiar with the music of John Cage or Erik Satie, in order to appreciate it to some extent. Gothic music in its more ‘traditional’ form, could not be absent from this playlist and it has been represented by the second album of Poetry of Thorns, entitled ‘Poetry of Thorns‘, whose music blends neoclassical with ethereal elements and creates mystifying soundscapes whose colour palette is rich with all the different red shades of purple. This album is entirely different from the aesthetics of both Fever Ray’s ‘Plunge‘ and the rather funky  psych rock album ‘Fear On The Corner‘ by  Mamuthones.Fever Ray have further evolved their sound by positioning impressive samples next to elements from breakcore and house music in their melodies, without forgetting the dark minimalism of their older songs such as ‘Keep The Streets Empty For Me‘.


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Now that the beautiful white snow has melted, the coming of Spring is not the only reason to be looking forward to the end of March, as the music menu of 2018 will have gained some momentum by then and there are plenty of gigs planned, that will continue to excite us and enrich our weeks. People with diverse music tastes will have to make some hard choices as far as live shows are concerned, but it will all be worth it in the end and here is why:

Phobophobes live at 100 Club-March 26, 2018: The most favourite of our favourite releases of February 2018 was the new album of Phobophobes entitled ‘Miniature World‘. We just could not stop listening to it from start to finish. There is a unique heaviness in the music of this band, which benefits from the great production in this album and careful positioning of metal, rock and psych rock elements throughout. The performance nods to Nick Cave and Sivert Hoyem at times, retaining its admirable emotional weight as the album’s character is unveiled through its beautiful rhythms and its 12 songs. Following the album’s release party that the band offered at Rough Trade East last month, we will have the chance to see Phobophobes perform live at 100 Club on March 26th.Don’t miss their show. You can buy tickets from here:

Band Of Holy Joy- Live at The Ivy House, April 6, 2018

Following the release of their latest album entitled ‘Funambulist We Love You‘ and a series of memorable shows in London, Edinburgh and Bristol among other cities, in 2017, Band Of Holy Joy will infuse some of the energy of 2018 in their songs and will appear live, revolting as they always are, at The Ivy House, before heading to Brighton at the end of the month. There is absolutely no doubt that you will have a great time at this gig, with the motivating, sincere and generous performance of Johny Brown and the unique mix of punk psychedelia, krautrock and folk music of the 60s, with which the rest of the band envelops the lyrics to create a sound that is always emotionally charged and socially perceptive in a beautifully psychedelic setting created by the captivating visuals by Inga Tillere. When it comes to this gig, I don’t think that you have anything to think about. Buy your tickets from here and go!


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The WGT frenzy has already started, earlier than usual this year, as the 3-day gothic festival, the biggest in the world, will be carried out very early this year, from May 18th-May 21st 2018. Even though some bands have announced their participation in the festival, before the end of 2017, most of the bands have kept this information to themselves. So far there are a few important highlights in the festival’s line up, the first of which is the live appearance of Arcana which we all thought was a project that was no longer active. Arcana is another much loved neoclassical band and we will be delighted to see them perform live again (probably at Schauspielhaus). Next on our list of highlights, is the return of Ataraxia,a much loved neoclassical band from Italy, who last played at WGT in 2010.We could not leave out of our list of highlights the appearance of Raison d’Être, a favourite dark ambient solo project of Peter Andersson, who we had the pleasure to see perform live in 2011, in one of the venues that did not open again for WGT, that was Schaubühne Lindenfels . Raison d’être who released his latest album entitled ‘Alchymeia‘ through Cyclic Law in 2018, creates a beautiful atmosphere by encompassing the whole space in his show and immerse everyone in a dream-like environment! Guerre Froide and Hekate (last time they played at WGT was in 2012) are two bands with different music styles, both of whom we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing perform live in WGT for quite some time. Guerre Froide, who belong to the french coldwave scene, released their first album entitled ‘Cicatrice’ in 1980 and have never played in WGT before. Hekate, is a neoclassical band whose latest album entitled ‘Die Welt Der Dunklen Gärten‘ was released in 2011. However, the band seems to have started working on some new songs which we will have the pleasure to listen to live in Leipzig!The next highlight is of course Trisomie 21 who offered a beautiful show in London on December 2017 and will present their latest album ‘Elegance Never Dies‘, together with older favourite songs to WGT audiences on 21/5/18! Next on our list of highlights is the inclusion of Japan Suicide, a relatively new band from Italy which was formed in 2010 and has not played live in WGT before. The band released its debut album entitled ‘Mothra’ in 2010 and its latest album entitled Santa Sangre‘ in February 2018 and the element that we love in their music is its melodic aspect and the captivating and passionate vocals of Stefano (Bellerba). Finally, even though Qntal is not included (yet) to this year’s line up, because they are about to release their next album entitled ‘VIII’, we dare to speculate that they will be offering another beautiful show during this year’s festival.


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Monthly Playlist-January 2018

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Color possesses me.I don’t have to pursue it.It will possess me always…” (Paul Klee)

Paul Klee might have been referring to painting in this quote, but he was born in a musical family and played music in the Berne musical orchestra, so his opinion about colour was surely informed by musicality as well. I will borrow this quote in order to introduce the first monthly playlist for 2018, made up of releases that were made during January 2018. We have listened to 57 albums and EPs and we picked our favourite songs from 26 of these releases.

We were delighted to listen to the new album by CALEXICO, a favourite American indie rock band with a unique sound that keeps developing further with each release and never loses its serenity. In the album entitled ‘The Thread That Keeps Us‘ that was released through City Slang, you will find references to latin American rhythms, indie rock songs and even soul music references. I highly recommend to purchase the deluxe edition of this album, as all the bonus songs are of different character than the rest of the album and some of them are even more melodic. Next on our favourite releases of the month, was the new album of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. ‘Wrong Creatures is a rock album with heavy reverberating guitars and the coolness of the rock attitude whose sound somehow represented something more pragmatic within this monthly playlist. The album ‘An Edible Body‘ by Wind Atlas impressed us very much as it blended in a truly original way, post punk rhythms with ethereal/neoclassical elements especially in the vocals. We could never have imagined such strong influences by Dead Can Dance (i.e. ‘Herencia de Jade’, ‘En La Cruz’) when this album started in such a dark, experimental and mystical way.


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In the cacophonic world of popular music, with its high-impact effects and productions, the music is often somewhat lost as it ends up being premeditated…The world of pop is a world where everything always has to be more than anything else. (Morten Harket)

A-HA, a.k.a Morten (Harket), Magne (Furuholmen) and Paul (Waaktaar-Savoy), the band from Norway that was so fascinated by the UK that settled here from the middle of the 1980s, count 34 years in the music industry and our hearts. Their debut album ‘‘Hunting High And Low‘ was released in 1985 right when MTV was gaining a momentum and the fascination with experimental electronica and industrial music was at its apogee. The band made an impressive start taking into account the cut-throat competitive aspect of the music industry those days. The very first song from this debut album, ‘Take On Me’, became a number one hit at the US charts while ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV‘ from that same album became number one at the UK charts.


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In terms of live performances, the music menu has plenty for us in the next few months. The small list that follows, contains the ones that have grasped our attention.

AmericanaFest UK 2018: I find it exciting that there is a festival dedicated to Americana music in London. Yes, you read correctly between 31st January to 1st February 2018, 26 bands will be playing Americana music at OSLO Hackney, MOTH Club, Paper Dress Vintage and Empire Bar. The festival’s line up includes The Texas Gentlemen, Tyler Childers, Benjamin William Pike and many moreCurse Of Lono, whose debut album entitled ‘Severed‘ was included in our monthly playlist for April 2017, will be the headliners at MOTH Club on Wednesday at 11pm. This mini festival will also include a two-day conference and will end with an awards ceremony at Hackney Empire.Buy your tickets from here

Das Ich, Red Sun Revival, Astari Nite live at Electrowerkz: Starting February, Das Ich will play live in London with support from the beloved Red Sun Revival and Astari Nite. While Astari Nite will be opening for all the UK gigs of Das Ich, the second support band will differ so, in Glasgow it will be Ivory Blacks and in Manchester it will be St Lucifer and The Ruby Lounge.This gig is part of the band’s tour in the UK, and different support groups will play live each time.The band has consistently offered industrial/electronic albums since 1991, when ‘Die Propheten‘ was released, supporting them through performances with strong theatrical elements and a punk attitude. This is one of the few bands that embodies different characters on stage while performing The band’s latest album was released in 2006 and was entitled ‘Cabaret‘ while in 2014 their album ‘Lava‘ was remastered and re-released extended with remixes from Asche. These days they are preparing a new album, songs from which we expect to listen during their gig in London. You can buy your tickets from here
Deliquium 2018: Following the performance of Das Ich, a three day special festival will be hosted at Electrowerkz. You might remember the first Deliquium which took place in 2015. This has always been an ambitious festival that includes photo exhibitions, art exhibitions, DJ sets, live sets, installations and workshops. Last time Treha Sektori, Deutsch Nepal and The Frozen Autumn were the highlights for us in terms of live shows. From 8-10 February 2018, Deliquium returns to Electrowerkz for three days of experimental art and music, where Ah-Cama Sotz, Horologium, Iron Fist Of The Sun and Norvardgr will be attracting most of the attention in terms of live shows. At the same time, Slimelight’s resident DJ Blackdeath 1334, will be ‘dressing’ the space with her own signature dark/existential/ritualistic playlists on Friday 9/2/18, while Udo Wiessmann of HANDS Productions will be offering one of his unique sets as Winterkälte on Saturday 10/2/18. We had the chance to listen to one of Udo’s DJ sets at Moritzbastei during WGT in 2017 and we are certain that his set will be equally dynamic. We will also be waiting anxiously for the debut performance of Sequencial, a new project formed by Gabriel Edvy and Fabio FK Drone, which has artistic experimentation at its core. Grab your tickets for this exciting festival from this link
Alva Noto new albums and live at The Barbican: After a quiet January and a mildly busy February, March will be welcoming us with the live performance of Alva Noto, a musician that focuses on minimal and abstract electronic music and has been releasing albums since 2000. Four years before, in 1996, Alva Noto a.k.a Carsten Nikolai, had founded a platform called ‘archiv für ton und nichtton’ that released experimental projects on music, art and science. In 1999 this label merged with the label named ‘Rastermusic’ and formed ‘Raster-Noton.archiv für ton und nichtton’ (exclusive distributor of the label Wavetrap), through which Alva Noto has released many of his albums. In 2017 this label split into two so that ‘Noton’ is handling all past and future releases of Alva Noto, while ‘Raster-Noton/Raster-Music’ is handling the back catalog of Raster-Noton/Raster-Music. Alva Noto has collaborated with Blixa Bargeld (Einstuerzende Neubauten), Iggy Pop, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ryoji Ikeda (with whom he participates in the project Cyclo 10) among other musicians, he has written scores for films and he has participated in Documenta X and the 49th and 50th Biennale of Venice. Unlike other musicians, who love the aesthetics of minimal and abstract music, the approach of Alva Noto is more profound as he feels that “…these many noises had musical qualities…every sound is important, not just the melodic ones…. At the same time, there are two new albums in the making.The first one with Ryuichi Sakamoto is entitled ‘Glass‘, it is a series of improvisations made at the architect Philip Johnson’s hallowed Glass House and is expected to be released on 16 February 2018. The second album’s title is ‘Unieqav‘ and is expected to be released on March 16, 2018.This album will be presented live at the Barbican on March 4, 2018 with support from the amazing Anne-James Chaton. You can buy tickets from here

One of the dilemmas of March, will be created on the 9th of this month as Blancmange will play live at ‘Under The Bridge’ in Fulham and the first of the three-days showcase of Rocket Recordings will start at The Garage the same day until March 11th.

Blancmange live at ‘Under The Bridge’: As Neil Arthur has clarified during a recent interview “Blancmange is a solo project now, with a group of honorary members, David Rhodes, Oogoo Maia, Adam Fuest, Benge Edwards…Stephen hasn’t worked with Blancmange since the 2011 album ‘Blanc Burn’ due to ill health…who knows we may write our story of events from the seventies and eighties down one day…”. Having released his latest album entitled ‘Unfurnished Rooms‘ in September 2017 and after finishing a UK tour during 2017, Blancmange will be departing for a new UK tour in March 2018 and will perform live on March 9th 2018 in London.This latest album, somehow replicating the rhythmic impression of a Mondrian painting, has minimal synth pop melodies with qualities similar to those of abstract art. It is an album whose sound is true to the nature of the original sound of the band during the 80s, but with less melody and more experimentation with abstraction. As a result, its melodies manage to stop/delay time around us and makes us devote our undivided attention to them. Rhythmic dynamism picks up at the fourth song ‘What’s The Time?’ and then again just before the end with ‘Old Friends’ and ‘Gratitude’. Now that a momentum has been built, don’t miss the gig of Blancmange. Buy your tickets from here

Rocket Recordings Showcase at The Garage:As far as Rocket Recordings is concerned, we would need much more space in order to express our admiration for the consistency and the character of this label’s releases throughout the years, but we will briefly talk about the releases of the last two years. You might have noticed that a few albums released through Rocket Recordings, have been included in different monthly playlists throughout the year (i.e. Julie’s Haircut, GNOD, Teeth of The Sea, Anthroprophh, Hey Colossus, Temple Ov BBV,Shit And Shine). This is because we have felt that the music of these bands taps in a unique way, on our fascination for noisy and dark psychedelia. The label exists since 1998 but it is in the last 4 years that its impact has increased, new bands have been welcomed to the label’s family, quickly building up a dynamic and committed team of followers. Of the bands signed at Rocket Recordings so far, we know that Anthroprophh will release their next album entitled ‘OMEGAVILLE‘ in March 2018 and Mamuthones will release their album ‘Fear On The Corner‘ later in February 2018. From 9-11 March 2018 we will be celebrating the label’s 20th birthday and we will have the chance to enjoy many of the bands that have released albums through Rocket Recordings at The Garage in a rare and precious showcase. Buy your tickets from here.

Anna von Hausswolff live at The Dome:Anna von Hausswolff, released her debut album entitled ‘Singing From The Grave‘ in 2010. Her work always has the piano as the base, which is an instrument that we see less and less used in contemporary music, but its melodies are enriched with banjo, organ, zither, guitars, violin and more. This album, had strong influences from the country/folk music of America and was released through Kning Disk. Anna’s vocals have a unique combination of eeriness and soothness that at the same time revolts and tames the mind. At times evoking the ‘smoky’ aspect of her voice and at other times, the serenic element, she gives to the piano melodies, unfathomed dimensions. Fast forward to 2015, her latest album entitled ‘The Miraculous‘ was released through City Slang. The sound has evolved significantly, has become darker and ‘harsher’ in mood and style, than in her debut album, wind instruments have been included and overall the production has been enriched as the score is more demanding in terms of the atmosphere that is being created. Her voice is almost unrecognisable as well, gone is the ethereal quality of it (with the exception of the introduction of ‘Come Wander With Me/Deliverance‘) and it has now been replaced by a kind of ”hoarse’, ceremonial voice mostly suited to a cinematic witch! The rhythms and melodies of the organ, place the music of this album to the realm of fantasy movies and the epoch of Lord of The Rings. The guitars have taken up elements from doom metal, which they have refined so as not to mask the vocals but create noisy/heavy metal inspired soundscapes at the background! Anna von Hausswolff has been preparing a new album which features  a macabre cover, that will be entitled ‘Dead Magic‘ and is expected to be released in March 2018.One song has been released so far entitled ‘The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra‘ together with a video clip, which reveals exciting vocal explorations and a sound that is more lyrical than that of ‘The Miraculous‘.The video follows the dark aesthetics that are evident from the album cover, while the song itself seems to have been inspired by the mythological character of Electra. Anna von Hausswolff will perform live on March 12 at The Dome and we will be there to enjoy her set and listen to her new album live. We advise you to do the same. Buy your tickets from here.

COVENANT-The Blinding Dark tour 2018: Last but not least, we have been waiting for ‘The Blinding Dark‘ tour of COVENANT to make a stop in London since last June and we will have the chance to see them live, on March 17,2018 with support by Massive Ego, Empathy Test, My Hysteria. COVENANT a favourite band of the dark electronic genre, have released their latest great album entitled ‘The Blinding Dark‘ in 2016 and this is what they have said about it: “In a world that’s stopped making sense, we need to learn how to see in the dark and ‘The Blinding Dark’ is a triumphant embrace of the strength and resilience of the soul…It’s implosive instead of explosive, fuelled by cold fury rather than a roaring fire, as beautiful as a collapsed star..”.Blauerosen loved this album, because it makes a discreet yet powerful statement on club dance floors. It might not compare in dynamics, with ‘United States of Mind’ or ‘Northern Light’ but it is an album that sits very well within the body of work of COVENANT and has definitely left a beautiful mark in their discography especially because it includes with this beautiful duet with Erica Li in the cover of Lee Hazlewood’s A Rider On A White Horse and it also benefits from the mark of Daniel Myer in the programming!
The last time the band played live in London was in 2015 with Analog Angel and Naked Lunch as support acts and has always offered unforgettable shows, that include a perfect mix of new and older favourite songs.
You can buy tickets from here

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A new year and a new season have started with sad news for the music world, the sudden passing away of Dolores O’Riordan (Cranberries) and Mark E Smith (The Fall). However there are exciting news about new releases and upcoming gigs and festivals. So before the rhythm peeks up its frenzy, let’s take a look at the reasons for considering 2018 to be an exciting year.

Album releases

The Soft Moon-Criminal: Kickstarting this season, on February 2nd , The Soft Moon a.k.a Luis Vasquez, a favourite psych rock/post punk project, will release their next album entitled ‘Criminal‘ through Sacred Bones Records. One single has been released so far ‘Choke‘, for which Luis Vasquez has said: I created ‘Choke’ as a theme song to my recurring corruptive behaviour. The rhythm of this song reveals more prominent pop influences, even though its aesthetics are evidently industrial.Two more songs have been subsequently released through the official Bandcamp page, ‘Burn’ and ‘It Kills’. In both songs pop influences are evident in the rhythms and the vocals can be almost clearly heard, marking a difference with the previous albums of The Soft Moon.By using artwork that nods to the constructivists and by creating a sound with industrial aesthetics, The Soft Moon, have offered three unforgettable albums since 2010. The vocals are perceived as an additional instrument and as the medium through which agonising feelings find an outlet. We had the chance to enjoy this band live at Electrowerkz in 2015 and we will have the chance to see them live once again at The Dome on February 16, 2018. The sound of The Soft Moon causes some type of delirium in many devoted fans of the band, which creates a very specific dynamic during live shows, making them unforgettable in many ways. On what concerns the upcoming album, many might think that the title of this album would just be symbolic. Luis Vasquez has clarified the ideas behind it: The concept of ‘Criminal’ is a desperate attempt to find relief by both confessing to my wrongdoings and by blaming others for their wrongdoings that have affected me…Guilt is my biggest demon and has been following me since childhood. Everything I do strengthens the narrative that I am guilty…. You can pre-order the album from here and buy your tickets for the gig from this link.

QNTAL-VIII: A few months ago, we were contemplating the release of a new album by QNTAL, a favourite German neoclassical band. The announcement of the release of their next album, ‘VIII‘ came as a delightful surprise. This album is expected to be released in March 2018 through Metropolis Records and two songs have been released so far, Music on Waters and Die Finstere Nacht. Both songs stress the dark electro influences of the band, to which its dedicated audience is no stranger. Especially ‘Die Finstere Nacht’ (in English this is translated into ‘The Dark Night’) is almost symphonic metal in style, evidently ‘harsher’ than what we have been used to listen from QNTAL. In terms of influences, the song titles reveal that W.B. Yeats has fascinated the band once again as the song ‘Before The World Was Made’ is a poem written by him. In addition, the song ‘O Fortuna’ is a poem from the 13th century that belongs to the collection of poems and texts known as ‘Carmina Burana’, while the song entitled ‘Parliament of Fowles’ might be referring to the poem of Geoffrey Chaucer entitled ‘Parlement of Foules’.

The band also offers artistically perfect performances that allow the audience to fully enjoy the ethereal nature of the vocals and their emotional and spiritual gentleness in all its strength. The aesthetic references of the previous album, ‘VII’ could be found in the myths about the water nymphs, as both the album cover and the stage appearance of the singers, supported this concept. In that album the songs were inspired by William Blake (i.e. Tyger), Lord Byron (i.e.By The Light Of The Moon) and the collection of poems and texts known as ‘Carmina Burana’ (i.e. Frühlingslied, Musa Venit) as well as 17th century poetry from unknown poets. The theme of the next album is the night, the deep blue colours of the sea and the fascination with the mystical aspect of those.

QNTAL have always composed beautiful melodies which are complemented by aesthetically fitting and elegant visuals. It is fair to say that QNTAL is the biggest name in the ethereal/neoclassical scene these days and one of the very few remaining bands of this genre. In a period where violence, extreme self-awareness and darkness dominate the subjects of bands, QNTAL choose to remain inspired by classic music composers and romantic poets. The band has only got to surpass itself and its previous absolutely beautiful album. We cannot wait for the completed album to be released and we will dare to speculate that QNTAL will be included in this year’s WGT line up. You can pre-order the album here:

Blaine Reininger-The Blue Sheep:Blaine Reininger, who co-founded Tuxedomoon with Steven Brown, is a favourite musician, who has done several collaborations with important musicians around the world. Some of these names are Durrutti Column, Savage Republic and Cult With No Name. This is a multifarious artist, who has dressed with his music theatrical productions and films. He has been living in Athens of Greece since the late 90s and has simultaneously progressed his solo career throughout the years. The previous album of Blaine Reininger with Steven Brown, was released in 2016 and was entitled ‘Monte Albán’, probably referring to the large pre-Columbian archaeological site in Santa Cruz. That album was modern classical in style, enriched with a lot of experimentation, that showed the duo’s fascination with the more experimental aspect of John Cage’s music. Violin, viola, piano, saxophone, clarinet and organ, were the instruments that formed the sound of this album. The new album is entitled ‘The Blue Sheep‘ and will be released through Les Disques Du Crepuscule. Three of its songs accompanied the adaptation of Albert Camus’ ‘Caligula’ for the theatre, that was presented in the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus in Greece in 2017 and the cover image is the work of George Terzis. No other songs have been released so far, but this is what Blaine has said about this new album: The unifying principle behind the songs on Blue Sleep is the method of composition. I apply fine old aleatory techniques – John Cage, William Burroughs, Tristan Tzara – and filter these through my instinctive knowledge of melody and harmony. Lyrics are generated algorithmically (I work with programs which assemble phrases according to mathematical rules) and then edited by me, with phrases suggested by the random output. That’s pretty much my modus operandi in the 21st century. We can only wait impatiently for the release of the completed album, feeling that Tristan Tzara and William Burroughs would feel equally inspired by the fragmented, angry and dystopian reality of the city of Athens during these troubled times.You can pre-order the album from here

MINISTRY-AMERIKKKANT: Next on our list of eagerly awaited album releases, is the next album by Ministry, entitled ‘AmeriKKKant‘ and expected to be released in March 2018.One song has been released so far from this album, entitled ‘Antifa’ and as expected, has caused a lot of controversy and a lot of emotional stir. But let’s take things from the beginning and calm the spirits a little bit. Al Jourgensen is a person that has always expressed his criticism about different matters that change around the world and in America in particular. A quick look through the band’s song titles, album titles and videos will refresh your memory. Therefore, to the devoted followers of his work, this album and the views expressed through its songs should not come as a surprise. In fact, if Al did not feel the urge to ‘respond’ to the things that are happening lately in America and elsewhere, it would be really, really weird.In his own words: I’ve spoken my piece on the societal conditions that would elect such a blithering idiot. It’s not an anti-Trump album, it’s like a- ‘did you pay attention in school? Does anybody have any intellectual curiosity anymore?’- album. [It’s] basically just holding up a mirror to ourselves and saying: ‘Look at this, is this what you really want to be?…I’m afraid for the stupidity of not embracing nonsense. I think nonsense is a great escape from the rigors of being in life’s hamster wheel. The uppercase letters of the album’s title refer to a specific organization in America, the lyrics of ‘Antifa‘ also refer to specific political problems faced by people around the world and all in all it’s another day in the universe of Ministry. Rejoice and enjoy it!
The album will be released on March 9, 2018 through the label Nuclear Blast, followed by a North American tour, in which Chelsea Wolfe will be the support act. We can only hope that this tour has a European branch as well.You can pre-order the album from this link

Echo and The Bunnymen-The Stars, The Oceans and The Moons:Later in 2018, in May, our beloved Echo and the Bunnymen have already announced the release of their next album entitled ‘The Stars, The Oceans and The Moons’ and a UK tour that will accompany it. Read more about it here


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The best way to end a year is to learn about next year’s plans of favourite bands, because even though other things that need to be done within the year might require a lot of effort, making time for listening to a new release or attend a gig, will always be an invigorating thing. These kind of news make me think ‘alright I might have to go through this and that hard thing next year but in the meantime there are exciting things to experience in the upcoming gigs!’.

“I’m not doing this for anyone else. I’m doing it as it’s important to me to make the songs better. I have to do it.” (Ian McCulloch)


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What are the odds of making new year’s resolutions at the same place with the same beverage as last year if one is not a creature of habit? They must be greater than the odds of witnessing the comeback of favourite bands after 25 years! What are the odds that names such as Barry Adamson, Band of Holy Joy, Diamanda Galas, Edward Ka-Spel, Marilyn Manson, Thurston Moore, Mark Lanegan, Trisomie 21, hackedepicciotto would be releasing albums within the same year? In 2017 Trisomie 21 released an album after 9 years and so did Der Plan after 25 years! It was a year during which we experienced powerful moments in beautiful gigs.It was also a year during which many bands released impressive debut albums. In 2017, more and more bands have embraced the internet and new ways have been explored for audiences to enjoy music and also show their support online. We often found similarities or artistic points of convergence between these music releases and exhibitions of modern/alternative art.It was in the simplicity of the ideas and the roughness of texture in the work of Christos Bokoros for the exhibition entitled ‘The Bare Essentials’ (Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece) that we have found shared qualities with the drama and theatricality of the music of Diamanda Galas. It was in the cultural and spiritual explorations of the 60s as they were highlighted in the V&A’s exhibition ‘You Say You Want A Revolution?’ that we have found glimpses of the emotional fervour and social perceptiveness that Trisomie 21 and Band Of Holy Joy are expressing in their albums. It was in the imposing posture and evocative emotional strength of Reza Aramesh‘s ‘Metamorphosis’ sculpture (part of FRIEZE London) and in the rich texture of the abandoned buildings of Athens, that we have identified elements also expressed in the albums ‘World Eater’ by Blanck Mass and ‘Raw Effort’ by Livingtotem. We experienced similar feelings while watching the brave use of colour in the work of Opi Zouni (exhibition ‘Order In Chaos’ Benaki Museum) and listening to the albums ‘Serious Business’ and ‘Brutalism’ by Grey Hairs and IDLES.We admired the inventiveness of Nevin Aladag who transformed ordinary furniture into musical instruments (Documenta 14 Athens) and Mary Watts, who decorated in such a unique and unparalleled way, the Watts Chapel in Guildford. It was the same awe that we felt while listening to the dreamy (and somewhat gloomy) soundscapes that Edward Ka-Spel and Amanda Palmer have composed in their album ‘I Can Spin A Rainbow’. If there is one conclusion that one can safely draw for 2017 as far as music is concerned, is that musicians from around the world have indeed expressed the strength of the emotions and ideas that the tense worldwide situations are causing in all of us, using impressively creative ways. Within this year, some of us have realized,  that the possibility of war happening closer to us, was bigger than we expected to witness in our lifetime. Because of that, we might  have really understood why art and music created in ugliness and hardship is so beautiful! There have been so many beautiful albums within the year that this time, Blauerosen has chosen for its soundtrack, those albums that had the strongest impact on us in their entirety. With thoughts about peace, creativity and inspiration, let’s all have a beautiful 2018!

This was the soundtrack of Blauerosen in 2017!  



Grey Hairs– Album: Serious Business
La Main– Album: L’Heure de Salir
The Flatfield– Album:Manie sans délire
Vitalic– Album:Voyager
Manie sans délire– Album:Untitled
Drab Majesty– Album:Demonstration
Tristesse Contemporaine– Album:Stop And Start
A Projection– Album:Framework
Bain Wolfkind– Album:Hand Of Death
Singapore Sling– Album:Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)
The Underground Youth– Album:What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?
Julie’s Haircut– Album:Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin
Aseethe– Album:Hopes Of Failure
Xiu Xiu– Album:Forget
JT Whitfield– Album:Coated And Submersed
Penelope’s Fiance– Debut album:Penelope’s Fiance
Blanck Mass– Album:World Eater
Dag Rosenqvist and Matthew Collings– Album:Hello Darkness
Captains– Debut album:Captains
Girls In Synthesis– Debut EP:The Mound/Disappear
TOTENWALD– Debut EP:Wrong Place Wrong Time
ADULT– Album:Detroit House Guests
Neue Wilde– Debut Album:Neue Wilde
DJ Loser– Album:DJ Loser
Diamanda Galas– Album:All The Way
WIRE– Album:Silver/Lead
IDLES– Debut album:Brutalism
Vlimmer– Album:IIIIIII
Hello Black Hole– Debut mini LP:In No Good Hand
Mementut– Debut album:Into The Shadow Of God
Mark Lanegan Band -Album:Gargoyle
Vile Flesh -Album:Hirm
Second Still -Debut album:Second Still
Barry Adamson -EP:Love Sick Dick
Timber Timbre -Album:Sincerely Future Pollution
H.Grimace -Debut album:Self Architect
Group Zero -Debut Album:Structures And Light
Dopplereffekt -Album:Cellular Automata
Brenda -Debut EP:Creeper
Reduction Plan -Album:Somewhere

Buzz Kull -Album:CHROMA
APHEXIA -Album:The Gates
Edward Ka-Spel-Amanda Palmer -Album:I Can Spin A Rainbow
FEARING -Debut album:A Life of None
Magdalena’s Apathy -Album:Tendine d’Achille
Overture -Debut album:Screaming Silence
FOTOCRIME -Debut EP:Always Hell
The Eden House -Album:Songs for The Broken Ones
War Orphans -Debut EP:First Issue
Algiers -Album:The Underside Of Power
The Shyness of Strangers -Debut album:Time
In This Moment -Album:Ritual
Public Service Broadcasting-Album:Every Valley
Mauna Kea-Debut album:Mana
Wild Roses For The Exit-Album:Ghosts of Ancient Sadness
Guerre Froide-Album:Coruscant
Geneviéve Pasquier-Album:Louche Effect
OMD-Album:The Punishment of Luxury
Der Nachtportier-Debut album:1
Tarotist-Debut EP:Visions
KALEIDA-Debut album:Tear The Roots
METZ-Album:Strange Peace
Dirty Songs-Album:Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs
Phase Fatale-Debut album:Redeemer
Living Totem-Album:Raw Effort
Diary of Dreams-Album:Hell In Eden
Band of Holy Joy-Album:Funambulist We Love You
The Frozen Autumn-Album:The Fellow Traveller
Trisomie 21-Album:Elegance Never Dies
vDevil-Album:Natural Born Villain
NONE-Debut album:Poison
Belle and Sebastian-EP:How To Solve Our Human Problems (Pt1)
Negative Space-Debut LP:Gestalt
Black Fawn-Debut album:Motion
Word Made Flesh-Album:Word Made Flesh
AUTOBAHN-Album:The Moral Crossing
Brendan Perry, Olivier Mellano-Album:No Land
Nervous Mind-Debut album: BITE

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Monthly playlist-December 2017

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